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Dandyism - Jules-Amédée Barbey d'Aurevilly, Douglas Ainslie, Quentin Crisp I don't enjoy shopping for clothes and I hate trying them on, so I find it a little hard to understand dandies when it comes to clothes. No offence guys (is it ok to call you 'guys' instead of 'beaus'?), I know you are more than that, some of you even had respectful jobs like writers, painters or kings, so I imagine you had other duties besides deciding what clothes to wear on a particular day. Do I sound cynical? That's only because I didn't have the chance to meet you in real life ;).

With regards to George Brummell (d'Aurevilly's essay is on him, though the Romanian version I read consists of a few more essays plus an interesting preface by Adriana Babeti), I'm not particularly interested in him, though I wish I knew some of the others, let's say Wilde or Baudelaire.

Chewing on the matter, I've come up with one single person I would call a real dandy of 21st century Romania. He's an artist, of course, and here you can see him dancing.
(Razvan, you owe me one, and I demand a free ticket to any of your shows!)

P.S. Do I want to see him in Dorian Gray (like one of the dandiest things ever written)? Yes, please. Bring him on.