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Wuthering Heights - Lucasta Miller, Pauline Nestor, Emily Brontë Dear Emily,

I re-read your book recently. I’m pretty much confused now, because I know I somehow liked it, otherwise I wouldn’t have finished it. But then there are so many things I can’t (under)stand!

Back then, were poor heating and unfriendly climate the only reasons for getting sick? I know your sisters had tuberculosis. Couldn’t you have one of your characters suffer from something more serious than fever and love issues or madness? Or take death, for example. Why do your characters die at the right time? Just to enhance other characters’ dramatic nature? What if Linton hadn’t died? What if Cathy had been doomed to take care of an ill husband (fever, by all means!) all her life and she would have missed her chance to be happy with Hareton? Why did you endow Hareton with nice qualities only in the last pages so we all like him, although you wanted us to despise him throughout the novel because he was untaught and rude? Why, oh, why, Emily? How come you expect us to belive that, regardless of its destructive nature, Catherine and Heathcliff’s love (addiction? religion?) is meant to be fulfilling and redeeming? And do you really expect us to believe this is romantic?

There’s more, but I’ll stop here. Maybe, given the chance, you’d consider answering. But nonetheless I won’t mind if you don’t.
Best regards,