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The Tale of the Rose: The Love Story Behind The Little Prince - Consuelo de Saint-Exupéry, Esther Allen Thank goodness I eventually managed to finish with this one; it was taking too much. So, having read most of the book's reviews around here, I was kind of determined to hate Saint-Ex. once I finished the book, but while reading it I realized those two had something most of us wouldn't bear: a kind of love-and-hate relationship that would destroy both partners if they were separated for too long and eat them inside if they stayed too much together. So basically, they just went with the flow. Head over heels when they met, some quiet moments, then storms, he left, she suffered, he came back, they separated, he got injured, she looked after him, together, separated and so on.

I don't agree with all those who feel pity for Consuelo. From where I'm standing, she's a strong woman, quite determined and very intelligent. So I believe it was her choice to put up with all his whims, cheating, childish behaviour and everything. And if, after 13 years of marriage, one can write such a delicate and powerful love letter, then it's no doubt: there was love all along.

P.S. Unfortunately, Consuelo wasn't as talented a writer as her husband, but she was, nevertheless, a wonderful woman.