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Brave New World - Aldous Huxley I won't mention anything about the book's plot since it's a kind of cult book, already; every top 100 includes it. I gave it a comfortable 3*** appreciation so I wouldn't be blamed for not liking it, or, Ford forbid! liking it too much. Kiddin' :)
Actually, for someone who isn't keen on dystopias and sci-fi and doesn't read them on a regular basis, Brave New World really stands out. It might lack style, substance, tension or a strong central character (those who compare it to Orwell's 1984 often complain about these things), but it has a strong point and Huxley's ideas are closer to what the future might look like, I suppose.

I found this comic strip that is supposed to be quite explanatory for the Brave New World vs 1984 debate.

P.S. All 3 books written by Huxley I've read so far (Two or Three Graces, Eyeless in Gaza, Brave New World) are totally different from each other. What is this guy's style, anyway?