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Bel-Ami - Douglas Parmée, Guy de Maupassant The 3-star rating technically means I liked it. Well, actually I didn't exactly enjoy the subject (forget the writing style, I didn't depict anything spectacular, though I read some Maupassant in the past), but the plot in itself must have had something catchy since the book reads in basically no time, once you're into it.

So, there's this guy, Georges Duroy, poor, hungry, not particularly endowed with any skills, wandering the streets of Paris. Once he meets the right people and makes the right connections, you guessed it already, nothing can stop him. The key to his success, believe it or not, is (second-hand) journalism. With his irresistible wild mustache, he conquers woman after woman, not just any woman - to make things clear! just the ones that can help him climb the ladder and get closer to all those glitzy things he dreams of.

Oh, and since Robert Pattinson is to star in yet another version of the film based on the novel, I suspect the book will gain some popularity in the near future :).