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The House At Riverton - Kate Morton The best thing about this novel is that it has huge cinematographic potential; it belongs to that wonderful category that includes films like "Howards End", "Maurice", "The Remains of the Day" or "Gosford Park" (shamefully, I haven’t read any of the books).

The writing in itself isn’t spectacular, though the story is good. Nice characters, nice setting, interesting plot. I wish the writer hadn’t told us beforehand what to expect at the end, though given the entire concept of the book (young woman making a film about a tragic event that took place at Riverton while gathering details from Grace, former housemaid in the house 80 years before) it was pretty much inevitable, yet not completely. For some reason, Morton chooses Grace to be the narrator of the story, so given the 1st person narrative, all the details she gives about the other characters’ inner lives and private conversations seem rather hard to believe. Actually Morton uses an artifice – Hannah (one of the main characters) telling Grace everything in a confession – (everything? seriously?) which is again hard to believe, lest a 99 year old woman’s memory is as intact as it was many decades ago. OK, not entirely impossible, but still...

So, it wasn’t bad. Looking forward to the film release.