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Selections from the Carmina Burana: A New Verse Translation - Anonymous,  David Parlett,  Betty Radice (Editor) The only reason I read "Carmina Burana" is because I wanted to see the ballet performance of it and since it's in Latin, I also wanted to know what the lyrics are about.

The poetry in itself is not extraordinary - but I'm definitely NOT the person to make critical remarks on medieval poetry - I did like the love poems more than the moral and drinking ones, though. Actually, the poems were meant to be sung, so I'm not sure the term "poems" is entirely accurate.

Now, the performance. I had tickets for it 2 years ago, and because some heating problems the show had to be cancelled and hasn't been scheduled again until now. But when I wanted to buy tickets I found out I actually cannot go on that particular day because of work stuff. And now the show has disappeared from the Opera's web page and I really don't mind it being rescheduled so that I can go, but if they cancel it again for whatever reasons, I'm headed towards a breakdown, I promise.

Yeah, so of course everyone knows Carl Orff's version of it, but while reading the love and spring poems, the song I had in mind was Pain of Salvation's Imago. It sounds pretty medieval, you have to admit.