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By Nightfall - Michael Cunningham Keep your Franzen, I have my Cunningham! Of course I haven't read Freedom yet, but all that media attention that it has got really stepped on my nerves. :D

By Nightfall makes me regret having read some of Cunningham's previous novels in translation only - traduttore, traditore - not that the books were poorly translated but I was deprived of one of the most simple yet most fulfilling pleasures of reading ever: reading an author's own words and thoughts. So now I'm seriously considering rereading Specimen Days and maybe The Hours just for that, Cunningham's style. I loved it to pieces and it beats any contemporary that comes to mind [yeah, McEwan, you are the one!]

As for the plot, I'm sure Hollywood will take care of it, but don't be fooled, this is not The Hours, most of what happens to the main character is beyond the (few) events, you get to take a look at his life from inside his head, which is far better.

P.S. Actually both Solar and Freedom are on my "to read" list, so my opinion is subject to change.