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Madame Bovary - Mark Overstall, Malcolm Bowie, Margaret Mauldon, Gustave Flaubert Some random thoughts:

- I fail to see the book's obscenity (reason for trial when it was first published), still, we are some 150 years later;
- Emma is bland and a little stupid. Here, I said it. I didn't like anything about her as a woman. You don't want to get me started. I wondered, throughout the book, why she is so many people's favourite female character. Still beats me. Of course anyone can relate (I've put myself in her shoes as an exercise, it's not comfortable) - humanity / morals haven't changed that much all these years.
- I also failed to see Flaubert's perfection in writing; I blame the translation, the 150 years and my incapacity of perceiving it. Just for fun, I tried reading a paragraph in French. It works pretty well but it would have taken me ages to finish it.
- Charles. Oh, Charles, damn you for not knowing when to be stylish and worldly. I feel for you.
- Leon, Rodolphe. You bastards!
- Justin, you melted my heart.
- Monsieur Homais, you made my day! I loved to hate you, I loved every clichéd sentence you uttered and I hereby declare you my favourite character. Cheers!