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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - Tennessee Williams Having seen (and forgotten, as it often happens after a certain age :D) the film many years ago, I sort of knew the plot, but I was nonetheless rewarded with a great deal of domestic drama. I especially enjoyed the first two acts: the confrontation between Maggie and Brick (Act I) with their marriage on the rocks - excellent double meaning btw, (see Brick's alcohol problems) and the confrontation between Big Daddy and Brick (Act II), the climax, which reveals that mendacity is the system that governs not only the society, but their family as well (an entire series of lies is revealed in this act).

Oh boy, I so loved Maggie the frustrated/dissatisfied/hysterical Cat, I have the feeling she's my no. 1 in a female characters top of all readings and only Molly Bloom could replace her (that is if I ever care enough to finish Ulysses). This is quite childish - to be ignored.

I reckon Elia Kazan's version of the play is one of the most aesthetic rewards one could ever wish for. Too bad we're more than half a century later.