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Mr. Rosenblum's List: or Friendly Guidance For The Aspiring Englishman - Natasha Solomons Many years ago I read (or was told, cannot remember exactly) that if you emigrate to USA you can be an American sooner or later, while if you emigrate to England you can never be an Englishman.
Now, trying to save himself and his family, Mr. Rosenblum flees Berlin right before WWII and goes straight to London, to start a new life. But he doesn't just want to live there, he wants to be a proper gentleman. (He obviously hadn't read the thing I had). Therefore, he has a list of things to do in order to become one: learn and speak only English, buy English products, wear an English suit and hat, drive an English car, and last but not least, play golf.
The book is touchy and funny, too bad it has ups and downs. While Jack ticks the things on the list one by one, struggling to be accepted in the English society, his wife struggles on her own, fighting with the pain of knowing her family in Berlin was left facing the Holocaust.
P.S. I wish I owned muttie's recipe book.