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The Marriage Plot - Jeffrey Eugenides I liked Middlesex so much that I promised myself I was going to read everything Eugenides wrote / will write, therefore The Marriage Plot is the first book I've ever pre-ordered. I loved it from one end to the other; it's the kind of book you'd read in bed in one weekend and the only reason I haven't finished it earlier was my hectic programme and even though I carried my reader with me every day, I was still unable to read more than a few pages a night.

Did I mention how much I loved it? :) I was in love with Mitchell (even when he stopped using deodorant in India) throughout the novel - was it because he was hooked on Franny's Jesus Prayer or just because he was saner than Leonard?- and I somehow anticipated the end, but, hey, it's not like it was a big surprise. But I'm too much into love triangles and Ivy League novels to matter.

There are at least two things I liked a lot. I mean a lot. The fact that Eugenides exhaustively approached both the religious and the psychiatric themes. Because, yes, people have issues, even the most marriageable of them. And that explains the nine year gap between his novels. The guy probably took his time to get into all this non-fiction stuff. Not to mention the biology thing Leonard's involved in (OK, this is actually one of the things that annoy me every time I read something similar - it happened to McEwan's Solar as well - too much science in the fiction. Is that a new trend or it's just me?)

So that's it. Of course I already believe it will make an awesome (Allen?) film. Did I mention how much I loved it?