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The Road - Cormac McCarthy Pre:
I'm seriously considering giving up on The Girl Who Played with Fire and starting this one right away. Not because I'm so interested in it, because I actually have no idea what it's about (a road, maybe?) but because it looks readable, aired and quite short. And because Larsson's book is so boring, I wish he'd stopped after the first one.


I liked the book a lot more than I thought I would. I'm not so much into dystopias and definitely not into (post-)apocalyptic stories, but The Road is truly captivating, though gloomy and deeply melancholic. I'm really grateful to McCarthy for not telling what cataclysm destroyed the civilization, how, when, why and all other useless details. Apparently not even names for his characters are of any importance, just their relationship and the meaning of everything they do. Mesmerizing.