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My Michael - Amos Oz, Nicholas de Lange I chose My Michael because I wanted to read Amos Oz and it appears this is one of his earliest and most famous novels. In a recent interview he said that if you want to know how's life in a different country, the best way to find this out is by reading a novel from that country. Indeed, My Michael provides this kind of insight into Israel in the 50s. There you are, in the middle of the sunny, rainy, misty or dusty Jerusalem, in Hanna's kitchen, Michael's office or one of the many kibbutzim.

I liked the way Oz transposes himself into Hannah, beautifully writing from a woman's perspective. Within 10 years of marriage, her sanity deteriorates and she becomes turbulent and suffocated with her life so far and life in general, becoming more and more unstable till she reaches a state of almost permanent physical illness, a condition that somehow offers her freedom. I don't think she's a strong personality, I even think Michael's character is far more interesting and I wish there was a story told from his own point of view.

That's it for now. I like Oz.