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Rules of Civility: A Novel - Amor Towles I honestly didn't expect the book to be so good. Well, coming after Water for Elephants, any book would be, but oh my, this guy can write. Not only is the plot excellent, but Amor Towles has style, some sort of personal touch I'm very much in like with. And he can shape characters!

I liked Tinker and Kate a lot and I rooted for them to happen (though you know from the beginning theirs is not the Hollywood happy ending), but my really favourite character was Wally and I wish Towles had something else in mind for him so he could use him further in his writings (unlike Eve, for instance, who gets a novel of her own).

If I may rant a bit, I think Towles insisted a bit too much on what an awesome, intelligent, well read and full of potential Kate is, but she doesn't seem to notice/care so everybody else keeps noticing and stating the obvious.

Lots of cinematic potential coming this way.