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Talking to Girls About Duran Duran: One Young Man's Quest for True Love and a Cooler Haircut - Rob Sheffield Though dedicated to his second wife, the book is more about Rob's love for ('80s) music and his sisters, above anything else. I can totally understand his obsession for '80s, music since I'm a sucker for it myself (I can totally kick your ass at SongPop when it comes to '80s and '90s, thank you very much).

I envy people who can identify themselves with a musical decade. I can't call myself a kid of the '80s, since I was still a bit too young to listen to their music on purpose (let alone what was available in communist Romania), a kid of the '90s is not exactly realistic, since I was not a kid for too long in the '90s. Oh well, I am what I am, my generation boy band was New Kids On The Block (and Jon was my favourite for some reason) but my heart belonged to Freddie the moment I first saw Miracle on TV, which was summer of 1990. To this day, it is probably still my favourite Queen song of all times.

1986. Probably one of the best years in history. At Close Range. Stand by Me. Top Gun. The Name of the Rose. Aliens. Highlander. Rock me Amadeus. The Final Countdown. Live to Tell. Who Wants to Live Forever. Land of Confusion. Nikita.