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Dear Mr. Alien,... - Yannis Karatsioris Children writing letters is one of the funniest things in the whole world. 8 year old Paul writes to Mr. Alien, who is supposed to take over the world once the Earth as we know it will be destroyed (remember 2012). It starts as a survival kit for Mr. Alien, with sound advice on what to bring with him, what to look out for and info about what's going on on Earth, but by the end the letters become more personal, Paul opens up about serious matters, like, you know, love.

I wish there were more letters, since Paul seems genuinely kind and funny and I wish the typos were more consistent, I mean he confuses lamb with lamp but he uses whom and whose without hesitation. Also, I don't get exactly how come Paul lives in Greece, yet his parents' names are English? Also, I wish the teacher involved more, like maybe answering the letters somehow? It would have been lots of fun.

Almost positive I would have enjoyed it more if I had read it at the proper age.