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MINIMALIST PARENTING: Enjoy Modern Family Life More by Doing Less - Christine Koh;Asha Dornfest OK, so this is the first parenting book I've read so far. And it's no surprise, knowing myself, that I chose one that gives tips on doing less in order to enjoy life more.

I am told already I have a laid-back parenting style (I, for once, don't believe I have a style when my baby's only 4 months old!) but these people didn't see me freaking out over my baby's unstoppable crying when she had colics or had a rash of some sort. The privilege is reserved to my husband. So, do I need to relax myself? I surely do.

It's not like the authors have discovered the Zen art of parenting, but there is sensible advice (and lots of examples from the authors' own experience), like making to-do lists and share a smart phone calendar with your spouse, share responsibilities, unclutter, involve kids, plan ahead, simplify, simplify, simplify and say NO to things you're not exactly keen on.