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Francois Truffaut, bărbatul care iubea filmele

Francois Truffaut, bărbatul care iubea filmele - Magda Mihăilescu Truffaut loved writing. Literally. He wrote hundreds of letters. I wish he wrote his memoirs, diaries, whatever. Because no matter how difficult Mrs. Mihailescu's job was (all due respect, she worked years for this book - browsing archives, interviewing people, etc.) I'd rather watch the films than read about them.

I heart Truffaut for one good reason: Antoine Doinel. I've seen some of his other works, but Doinel is the sort of character you fall in love with - impulsive, idealistic, (unintentionally) funny. If ever interested, check out The Adventures of Antoine Doinel, starring the one and only Jean-Pierre Léaud.