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Stupeur et tremblements

Stupeur et tremblements - Amélie Nothomb Amélie Nothomb was always way too popular for me to even think of trying one of her books. I might be snobbish or I might just be ignorant - in the end it's all about reading. If it hadn't been for J.'s recommendation (thank goodness for the chosen ones - my students of Romanian - with whom I can exchange opinions on books, films and other stuff), I would have never tried it.

Perfect for one afternoon, a weekend - if you're a slow reader or even a short holiday - if you take reading as sleeping pills. Extremely autobiographic, funny and surprising at the same time; a young Nothomb lost in the corporatist Japanese life at the beginning of the 90's. Some would say: Thank God for the experience that made her start writing (she successfully publishes a book every autumn - isn't that a bit too weird?!), I'd only say I had a good time reading it.