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Iona - Marin Sorescu I like the play as much as I liked it half a life ago: almost not at all! Woven into Absurd theatre (and I'm considering Ionesco and Beckett here), Existentialism is bearable, but otherwise it just gives me a freaking headache.
Well, how about a random question/thought: are all fishermen philosophers? I mean, with all that time on their hands, they sit by themselves and wait, and then they wait some more, what on earth can they do but think and then think some more; no wonder they start to question the meaning of life and the whole existence thingie.


Dear Mrs. B, you were an awful teacher, you had no idea how to articulate a sentence about existentialism, but it's so great you commented on the play in such a didactic, boring manner and "burți dă pește" remained your trade mark all throughout high school. We will forever be grateful.